How did we get to August already?

For the past few months, since watching War on Waste, I’ve been inspired with a surge of energy to change the way I do things for the better. I feel the growing being in my womb may have a huge part to play in this. I’ve always had a tendency toward being conscious of the effect my actions have on the environment, but like most people I become lazy from time to time and forget that I give a shit.

This re-energised consciousness is one of the reasons I started following Meg, aka @thethoughtfulvegan on Instagram . I’ve loved seeing the efforts she’s making toward a life of zero waste and get inspiration from her ideas and passion. Meg kindly lets me drop off my kitchen scraps to feed her compost bin each week, something which I learnt was possible through Meg and ShareWaste.

While I haven’t had the chance to meet Meg IRL yet, it’s been wonderful getting to know her through this interview. I hope it brings you some inspiration too, right here.