I’m a forkin’ vegan. A big one. The fruit patterned clothing may be the dead giveaway.

If you’re wondering where the term forkin’ vegan came from sit tight and keep reading…

A few years ago, while working in an art store in Brunswick, Melbourne my friend and I were brainstorming name ideas for my zine. Somehow her brain magically came up with this clever play on words and I instantly loved it.

 There are many times in my 13 years of veganism I’ve been called a ‘f***ing vegan’ to my face (and i’m sure behind my back). Luckily there has been a huge shift in the last 10 years and veganism is now mainstream and an accepted lifestyle choice. There is far less chance of being called a FV these days. To me the name represents my past and vegan journey, it is a reclamation and ownership of who I am and what I believe in.

I have since moved from the wonderful city of Melbourne and now reside in the lovely seaside town of Geelong. I live here with my partner, 2 dogs, and in utero baby- due in October 2017. When I’m not pondering new zines to write or creating in the kitchen I can be found working hard at my Psych degree and trying to make the world a better place through my work in the community sector.

My vision for FV is to share funny food ideas through my zine, connect with others, and put a spotlight on awesome people (who just happen to be vegan) through my interview project.