This is where Forkin’ Vegan began; with a dream.

We wanted a way to share recipes with people through a medium that was fun, quirky and tangible.

A zine was the obvious choice. And so our love affair with zines began.

There are currently four editions available: The first features our favourite dip recipes. The second and third are guides to surviving a Melbourne summer and winter, respectively.

The fourth is less about cooking and more about what certain foods do to your pee. It’s aptly titled ‘Is that blood in my urine or did I eat too many beetroots?’.

If you’re in Melbourne (Australia) you can grab a copy or five from Sticky Institute; Shop 10 in Campbell Arcade, Degraves Subway.

If you don’t live in this fine city but would like to get your hands around a copy, get in touch via the contact page. We’ll happily pop one in the post and send it your way (free of charge).

We’re also interested in trades. Got something you’ve made? A service to offer? Another zine? Let’s swap!

It’s all about sharing the love.